First Contact!

(version française dans l’article précédent)

Leaving Paris at 11h40, arrival in Helsinki at 17h15.
From the sky, through the plane’s window, Finland seems to be a huge forest, an ocean of resin and pine needles.

The briefcase containing carbon rods, costumes and other tools has been lost on the way.The first contact with the Finns will therefore happen in a very simple, straightforward way. As every problem can unravel a positive aspect, those simple encounters around a coffee or in the street with a serie of questions are probably the best way to make contact with the people from Rauma.

On every side of the road leading to Rauma, there are hundred of lakes, thousands of pine trees and birch. The road is like a small black vein which goes through Finland’s vegetal anatomy. The Nature is powerful here, and the heart seems to beat deeper.


First encounter in the bus, a woman helps me find my way, she works in Helsinki but comes back for the week-end in her other house, further north. She invites me to come by and visit her when i come back to Helsinki. She works in the café Kappeli, an ideal place to go have a drink according to the guidebook! Arrival at Rauma at 00h15, the light starts only to dawn.

I walk through the city until I arrive to the our adresse, Erkinkatu 12, it is 2 a.m. and the sun, if it is not directly visible anymore, still lights Rauma’s streets. All this gives the feeling that it is always aperitif’s time. Moreover, the young Finns have just finished school, Summer holidays are just starting and party is everywhere.

Une maison en Finlande

After a few hours of sleep, I resume my walk and try to go around the entire city, at that time, I still didn’t know that Rauma is eight times wider as Paris!!
First dive in the Baltic sea, all the landscapes are stunning.

La mer Baltique

I finally get to meet Hannele, our contact from Raumars. It is the official beginning from our « Knit and Meet » project, first interview, first collected objects, first hands pictures and first fish drawing. We visit then Rauma’s museum and I meet a lot of people, including a mexican artist : Gerardo and a lace professional: Marketta Palo.

Premières mains à la patte!

First pair of hands!

Next update soon to come! With a detailed explanations of the interviews and the answers to the questions: « why hands and fishes? »


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